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Ken Harris, President & Chief Executive Officer
Ken has over 30 years of experience in the biotechnology, cell therapy, and medical device industries.  Prior to joining Bell, Ken had co-Founded TotipotentRX Corporation in 2008, and served as its Chairman and CEO before merging the company with ThermoGenesis Corp. and funding and listing the new entity as Cesca Therapeutics on the
Caleb B. Bell III, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer
Caleb serves as the CTO and co-Founder of Bell BioSystems, and additionally held the CEO role through June 2017.  Under Caleb’s leadership, Bell Biosystems has been recognized by the White House for its “Breakthrough” in life science technologies, as a 2014 Rising Star by BayBio, and as a “biotech on the cusp
Dan Bell, Interim Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Dan co-founded Bell Biosystems and currently oversees all financial and operations matters.  Dan previously served in operations, sales, and marketing roles at retail energy startup Energy Plus.  Joining Energy Plus as its 8th employee, Dan co-led the launch and expansion of a business line that grew to $30M+ in revenue within t
Ertan Ozyamak, Ph.D., Scientist
Ertan has broad training in bacterial physiology, genetics, cell biology and biochemistry, and is primarily responsible for Magnelle engineering. Prior to joining Bell Biosystems, he gained extensive expertise on the biology of magnetotactic bacteria during postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley. He has pioneered
Kayla Lee, Scientist
Kayla has a strong background in cell biology and regenerative medicine research. At Bell Biosystems, she manages many efforts optimizing the integration of Magnelle technology with a variety of therapeutic cells for preclinical and eventual clinical use. Prior to joining Bell Biosystems, she conducted graduate research studies in Dr. Lis
Lauren Wong, Research Associate
Lauren Wong has professional training in biology, particularly in molecular biology and microbiology.  She is responsible for culturing and optimizing Magnelles under controlled conditions.  Prior to joining Bell Biosystems, Lauren was a Biosensor Technologist at Tripler Army Medical Center, HI involved in respiratory virus dete
Jacky Lu, Research Associate
Jacky has a diverse background in cellular and molecular biology. Prior to joining Bell Biosystems, he worked as a research assistant in Dr. Ananda Goldrath's laboratory at the University of California, San Diego studying how hypoxia (low oxygen concentration) affects CD8 T cell function. In addition, he has worked in cancer cell biol
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