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Magnelle Powering-
Bell Biosystems currently offers and will offer the following platforms:
  • Basic research kit for small animal studies
    • This kit includes all the materials needed to Magnelle-powerTM cells, including assay reagents and protocols required for assessing labeling efficiency and optimizing MRI expectations.
These companion assay components include a Magnelle specific antibody for easy visualization of labeling as well as colorimetric iron assay reagents to quantitatively measure iron loading and inform MRI expectations.
  • Preclinical kit for large animal in vivo studies (GMP grade) [Coming soon]
  • Human clinical trial kit (GMP grade) [Coming in late 2018]
MRI monitoring of Magnelle-powered cells may help with assessment of your cell therapy by providing information on cell localization (fate), viability, and durability.

The use of Magnelles is a powerful and necessary adjunct tool for clinical researchers, giving real-time MRI data useful for protocol refinement, dosing and redosing optimization, and directional feedback for in vivo bioactivity.

Preclinical Magnelle Cell Tracking kits are currently available for sale to select researchers and organizations for research use only applications. If interested, please email us at info@bellbiosystems.com.

Product No. Product Name Capacity  
BBS-MG20 Magnelle Cell Tracking Kit 20 Million cells Get More Info
BBS-MGPC Magnelle Preclinical in vivo
Cell Tracking Kit
  Under Development
BBS-MGCT Magnelle Clinical Trial GMP Grade
Cell Tracking Kit
  Under Development
                      |     Safety Info    
BBS-MT06 MagTag Labeling Device (2-pack) Two 6-well plates Get More Info
                      |     Safety Info    
BBS Custom
Labeling Services
Our staff will assist you in labeling your specific therapeutic product.   Get More Info.

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Magnelle Powering-
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