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MRI tracking of transplanted cells using Magnelle® contrast agents
Magnelle-PoweringTM a cell therapy involves labeling target therapeutic cells with Magnelles to assess the viability, durability, and location of injected cells. Magnelles are intracellular non-pathogenic bacteria genetically programmed to make magnetite particles that create dark (T2) contrast spots, enabling T2/T2* weighted MRI cell tracking in vivo. Magnelles have been validated in a variety of cell types: MSCs, IPSCs, iCMs, primary cells, and other adherent cell types.
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Advanced Applications
Immunotherapy, using genetically engineered T-cells, trained tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, and tumor trained NK cells as examples, is gaining significant traction after strong clinical results. However, some issues remain, particularly with the safety, off-target effects, and durability of these potent therapies. Advanced cell tracking methods can assist in the development of these therapeutics – specifically in assessing off-target localization and durability of the transplanted cells – and thus potentially accelerate clinical success. We are currently refining our labeling procedure to efficiently label certain types of these cells with Magnelles and are actively looking for collaborators and early adopters. If you are interested in working with us on this project, please contact us at BD@bellbiosystems.com.
Magnelle agents contain a genome that can be leveraged for a variety of additional functionalities. We, and our partners, are working on several of these next generation products. If you are interested in a collaboration or partnership in the I-O field, please contact us at BD@bellbiosystems.com.  

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